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About Vishal Joshi

Only acquiring knowledge (degrees) is not enough, but how the knowledge is imparted does mean. That person is none other than Mr. Vishal Joshi (VJ Sir) who has set up so many milestones in the field of teaching Chemistry without mystery. He is an epitome of Inorganic Chemistry.

Mr. Vishal Joshi has been the co-founder and HOD [Inorganic Chemistry] of a renowned institute of Kota, The Nucleus where thousands of students have stood out and wrote history of their own. The more are in the process to make the history repeat itself in the form of fabulous results.

इसे सुन लो ज़िंदगी बदल जाएगी | This video will change your life | Vishal Joshi VJ Sir


An Ideal Educator...

..resembles a candle which consumes itself to light our lives with its light of knowledge. A Teacher is such a person who plays multiple roles in his career. He becomes mother when we are sick. He becomes father when we commit mistake. He throughout remains our friend to stand by in our thick and thins. He instructs and controls us in the journey of life. He is regarded as the backbone of our general public since he profoundly contributes in working up our characters, shaping our future and thus helps us to be perfect natives of our country. He is a wellspring of learning and shrewdness. From him drives the thoughts and considerations, that one day each one of us will use to give once again into this society.

God knows that He can’t be everywhere that’s why he made a profession of teacher. Not even Google maps can help us if we have lost our path in life but a teacher can certainly make a new roadmap.

Yes, here the whole discussion is going on bringing a pedagogue who has spread the light of his knowledge in Inorganic Chemistry. He doesn’t believe in doing different things at a time, but instead doing the same thing in different ways at a time, i.e. Teaching.

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VJ Sir is an omnipresent educator, e.g. He imparts his knowledge not only inside a classroom, but online as well. This is the reason how he has made his students feel at home while learning Inorganic Chemistry despite this pandemic time period. He applies various techniques to spread his knowledge through -

(A) Workshops : From time to time he conducts workshops on How to make learning easier with less efforts but more gains. Thousands of students have already been benefited from his workshops and are outshining in different sectors. He delivers all ins and outs of Chemistry among the students in such a way that they spontaneously derive interest for this subject which used to be a phobia for them once. This is nothing, but the miracle of the way he teaches clearing all mysteries of Chemistry.

(B) Motivational Seminars: VJ Sir has not confined his teachings to academics only, but he has attained a wide vision of teaching philology. The way he speaks in his motivational seminars mesmerizes delivering the gospels of practical solutions to overcome various hurdles of life. His audience listens to him with rapt attention seeking that eternal serenity.

(C) Education: This man of letters disburses his educational lectures with gratitude - without attitude, with confidence - without diffidence putting himself directly in touch with parents to communicate. He has firm faith in holistic education where no compromise is made with erroneous lectures. He flaunts his command over his subject altogether.

(D) Training: Joshi Sir, being a corporate trainer, it facilitates his path to success which is not a bed of roses. During training he affirms that one has to undergo an ordeal to ablute himself to be a knight in the arena of deeds full of hot waters.

Over all what makes him stand apart in the throng of multitudes are the following penta-attributes to be followed by one and all:

Time needs time to get such an uncanny educator incarnated...


Motivational Seminars



Vishal Joshi - A Multi-Faceted Personality

Being the best deed of God man is a social animal. He cannot live alone. Society provides all comforts and necessities of life to man. Man has an obligation towards the society. Aristotle once said, “The purpose of man is not only to live life but to live a good life.” We want to live good life in a peaceful society. We have certain duties and responsibilities towards our fellow-citizens. The service which is voluntarily rendered to the society and without self-interest is known as ‘social service’. This life is the best bounty of God to man, but some people leads this with a set purpose while some other people merely drudge it worth no more.

The aforesaid stuff is aptly applicable to a multi versatile man of society - Vishal Joshi (VJ Sir), the Director of the Nucleus Education and the President of JCI-Kota Kings. He has been one of the best faculties in Chemistry among the students. He has made this typical and mundane subject so easy and interesting to his students that they have started deriving pleasure while studying it. This is the reason why his students have been proved benchmarks in various competitive exams and brought laurels. Besides being a successful educator he is an ideal social activist too. He has left no stone unturned in inspiring his throngs of students to move to the service of this society which has given a lot to mankind. VJ Sir says, “Students should go to the villages and serve the villagers during vacation. Villagers are illiterate, innocent and ignorant about their rights and responsibilities. Students can provide help to these people. They can also help people when there are earthquakes, famines, epidemics or pandemic. Students should not waste their free time in watching movies or leading a dull life. They should do some kind of social service.” He has involved himself in religious makeovers as well, i.e. basic renovation of temples, Food Houses where food is provided to the desolates and deplorable people. He got thousands of Food packets distributed through his NGO JCI- Kota Kings during this fatal pandemic. He has distributed attires to the needy, made vast arrangements of free pilgrimage of Char Dham to hundreds of old people of his community. He has taken over the parental responsibility of the garden of Bhamashah Mandi, Kota. The itinerary of his social welfare doesn’t end here. He has donated hundreds of PPE Kits, Sanitizing Machines and thousands of Masks to various hospitals through the NGO of his wife during this pandemic. His wife Namrata Joshi also devoted her life to the service of the needy and destitutes. She has also walked shoulder to shoulder with her husband for the sake of innumerable people.

It won’t be a hyperbole if said, “This couple has forsooth proved their lives worth living in true sense.”

Mr. & Mrs. Joshi say, “Your life is your message to the world, Make sure it's inspiring. You may have to fight the battle of life more than once to win it.”

For VJ Sir “Life is a journey and only man has to hold the map.”

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